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Way To Go! Transit, Inc. was born out my respect for senior citizens. For most of my childhood, I was raised by a single mother who worked as an elementary school teacher and part-time bookkeeper to maintain our household and take care of myself and my three older siblings. My grandparents were always close by, even living with us for a short period of time. They were compassionate, salt-of-the-earth people who set an example for always giving love and support unselfishly. The experience of being around older people while growing up was very influential for me and helped shape my values. It also led to my career in healthcare as a respiratory therapist, frequently working with seniors.

My mother remained very active into her 80s. When she developed Alzheimer’s I took care of her at home for many years until it became impossible to adequately meet her growing needs. Placing her in a long-term care facility was an agonizing decision, but I realized it would be best for her to have constant care. I am very fortunate to enjoy frequent visits with her and have formed close relationships with her caregiver staff, the administrative staff, and several residents and their families. I developed an understanding of the unique needs of these seniors and the importance of compassionate assistance.

I met the wife of a resident who was having difficulty commuting from her home to spend time with her husband. I offered to drive her and soon realized there was a huge need in the Nashville community for assisting seniors with daily tasks, errands and transportation. After retiring from 30 years in healthcare, I started a small senior help service.

It didn’t take long before the staff at Mom’s facility suggested I focus on transporting wheelchair-dependent residents in long-term care, rehabilitation, and assisted living facilities to and from their hospital procedures and physician appointments. I was excited by the idea. I obtained a safe, comfortable, ADA-compliant van and opened Way To Go! Transit, Inc. to provide caring, friendly and professional transport service to people of all ages.

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Jim Ramsey